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The things that define our team are a passion for mathematics and an awareness of the importance of self-discipline. We will be delighted to supercharge your skills and provide you with an environment where you can realise your best professional qualities. We can offer a comfortable office, interesting tasks and a relentless drive to push forward.

We take the hiring process very seriously, and we are looking for more than just professional skills. We want to see team spirit, and we want our new colleagues to share our passion for quality and perfectionism, high ethical standards and a desire for progress.

Our offices are located in New York (HQ), Moscow (financial) and Saint Petersburg (development).


We are looking for a talented manager who could motivate and control tens of people from around the world. Every member of the team has different competencies in trading and uses a diverse set of strategies in crypto markets. Tasks Controlling a large group of traders: * Putting together a system of control and motivation for a distributed group of traders (10 people in the first month, scaling up to 100 people within a year and up to 5000+ in Q1-Q2 2019); * Participating in the development of the risk-management policy, controlling the compliance with it. Managing the distribution and rebalancing of capital between traders: * Formalizing trading strategies by using different methods for facilitating activity and communication between traders; * Creating programs and systems for educating traders; * Facilitating the process of sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience among traders; * Daily communication with traders; * Constant control and improvement of traders’ motivation; * Introducing new practices for organizing the work; * Analyzing the department's results, constantly seeking ways to optimize strategies; * Contributing to the product strategy (developing additional tools for traders); * Developing the department’s business processes; * Developing relations with remote traders. Organizing cooperation between traders and three teams: * Internal analysts -- which questions should be submitted to external analysts and Hybrid Intelligence; * Quant analysts -- backtests, tools for risk analysis, capital allocation between traders; * Developers -- building tools & products for traders (e.g. a trading platform that with time should be adapted to the needs of discretionary traders). Required experience and knowledge * 5+ years of experience in prop trading firms or hedge funds as Chief Trader, Manager, or Risk Manager; * Experience of working with different systems for risk management for a group of traders; * A desire for professional growth in the crypto investment industry; * Fluent English; * At least 2 references.

IT team

What you will do: * Creating models that use cutting-edge machine learning techniques with a dash of financial mathematics; * Researching data, looking for new consistent patterns; * Monitoring and testing models, developing infrastructure. The requirements: * Higher education in mathematics/computer science/finance/economics or other fields with strong analytical and mathematical background; * Work or contest experience in Data Mining (e.g. Kaggle); * Understanding of how machine learning algorithms work and where they are applicable; in your work you will use the whole spectrum of tools, from linear regression to neural networks; * Tech skills: Python (Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib and others as well searching for rare libraries), TensorFlow/Theano/Keras, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop; * Scientific creativity, readiness for tasks that don’t have a clear set of instructions; * Tech English or better. It will be an advantage if you: * Understand how the market works, know the basics of financial instruments pricing; * Have experience in time series, modeling stochastic processes; * Have practical experience with NLP, unsupervised, reinforcement learning

We are looking for an active, driven fanatic with a sense of beauty, who is excited by an opportunity to join a successful international startup. It’s important for us to find a like-minded person. Responsibilities: * Creating the history together with other team members, making new and modifying current mobile applications for Android; * Manage the development team; * Plan sprints. What we’re looking for: *Knowledge of Java, the knowledge of Kotlin would be an advantage; * A portfolio of 2+ works or links to implemented apps on Google Play; * Knowledge of the Android SDK; * Experience of parallel and multithreaded programming; * Understanding of OOP, MVC, design patterns; * Experience with Material Design; * Writing code for Java Code Conventions; * Ability to work with a database; * Knowledge and ability to apply git in practice; * Knowledge of English (reading documentation + correspondence); * Love for quality products and the desire to develop; * Posting gifs in Slack; * A sense of humor. The following would be advantages: * Experience with third-party APIs; * Practical experience in the development of complex animations; * Experience of refactoring existing code; * Good knowledge of algorithms. Before responding, please look up some information about us. If we’re mutually interested, then after the first interview, we’ll ask you to do a small test task, which will help you to understand our requirements and will help us evaluate your skills.

Responsibilities: * Producing quantitative research for cryptocurrencies markets: * Trading strategies research and development; * Market microstructure analysis; * Complex data visualisation. Required: * Degree from a top university in Math, Applied Math, Physics or Computer Science; * Academic achievements (high GPA, PhD, publications, olympiads participation, or similar credentials); * Knowledge of linear algebra, statistics, and econometrics; * Machine learning experience is an advantage; * Operations research experience is an advantage; * Working knowledge of Python (pandas, numpy, plotting); * Understanding of object-oriented programming; * Basic skills in C++ or Java; * Written and spoken English.

* Developing computer applications for cryptocurrencies market research: * Developing trading strategies (according to requirements from traders); * Developing trading infrastructure; * Creating tools for data processing and analysis. You are: a developer with at least 2 years of programming experience looking to join a fast-growing fintech company. You have top-notch academic credentials and excellent programming skills. You have an appreciation for mathematics and statistics and a desire to work in a fast-paced, intellectually stimulating environment. Required: * Degree from a top university in Computer Science or related areas; * Excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures and algorithms; * Some understanding of linear algebra and calculus fundamentals; * Basic knowledge of statistics; * Machine learning experience is an advantage; * Object-oriented programming; * C++ or Java; * Python (pandas, numpy, plotting); * SQL; * UNIX/Linux; * Written and spoken English. You will work remote or from our St. Petersburg office.

We are looking for a strong product designer who thinks like the owner of the product and can explain strategies selected for solving problems. Your tasks will be: *Designing a user interaction strategy; *Creating of techniques and specifications for usability testing; *Collecting statistics on users' use of applications, analyzing these data and making adjustments to the usability of the product; *Designing interfaces for mobile and Web applications; *Prototyping; *Participating in creative brainstorms. Here is what you need to have: *Knowledge of the principles of usability of web / mobile applications; *Skills in creating / drawing functional sketches, graphics, etc., comfortable communicating with the necessary graphics software; *Understanding the principles of usability testing, testing methodologies and analysis; *Experience in design and in-depth understanding of user interfaces for various platforms; *Knowledge of iOS / Android guides and experience of designing for mobile platforms; *The ability to structure your thoughts and visualize ideas; *A portfolio. If after the interview we’re both interested, we’ll ask you to do a test task. It will help you to understand our requirements and will help us evaluate how well you can manage that.