How it works. Science behind

Cindicator is a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure that harnesses the value of collective+artificial intelligence. Hybrid Intelligence is a technological symbiosis of Man and Machines. This synergy enables Cindicator to make more precise decisions in a world of growing uncertainty, benefiting our individual members and the community as a whole.

Our technology is built upon millions of decentralized analyst predictions processed by our technology, driven by AI. We believe the integration of decision-making approaches provides an exciting opportunity to solve problems and current challenges of participants of financial markets. Community members provide us with regular predictions, which add significant value to the technology and therefore improve predictive robustness.

Our tech engine is continually learning by taking historical data and reviewing the performance of those predictions using the complex of statistical tools and machine-learning approaches. Cindicator’s platform adapts dynamically, correcting its models by continually actualizing better “weights of trust” to the analysts. The continual review, adaption and correction crystallize the accuracy of financial forecasts.

Hybrid Intelligence Platform, powered by Cindicator’s advanced technology infrastructure, gives us a real-time market perspective. This synergy of Man and Machine enables the Cindicator Team and CND token holders to make smarter decisions, based on data science, and generate returns for our community.