Tapping into Mental Assets of Individuals Propels Hybrid Intelligence to New Heights
Applications like Cindicator are tapping into these mental assets and forging them with artificial intelligence to take a huge leap forward in detecting trends and creating forecasts. Each person has their own unique perspective and experiences that they can bring to bear when looking at an issue.
Cindicator, AI-Driven Financial & Crypto Forecasting Platform Developer, Raises $500K.
Developer of Hybris Intelligence platform uses millions of decentralized analyst predictions from 135 countries and machine learning algorithms to provide hedge funds and institutional investors with precise forecasts. The project which is now at the pre-ICO stage, raised $500K and scheduled token crowdsale for September 12, 2017.
‘Decentralized’ prediction platform removes financial analyst bias
Cindicator cuts through this centralisation bias by aggregating opinion from a wide range of diverse forecasters from different countries with different professional backgrounds, with different personal experience.
How can human and robot hybrid intelligence predict the future?
Alongside collecting the sufficient sampling of predicting analysts in terms of size, it is necessary to carefully estimate the quality of the tasks being resolved by each of the group participants for most precise determination of confidence scales.
Popping the bubble of artificial intelligence in investing
If we use an algorithm built on the decision tree (if / then logic), or neural networks (which have already been trained on historical data), time adjustment or additional training may take some time.
The wisdom of crowds: what will replace financial analytics?
In 1906 renowned British Francis Galton came across a competition at a local fair in which the people were asked to guess the weight of a displayed ox and put this figure down to a special ticket.
Collective intelligence shows 47% annual return
During the competition, the robot modeled 27 trades based on forecasts of participants, 17 of them being profitable. This resulted in a 2.8% increase in the model portfolio in currency (47% p.a.) during the experiment.
Why do we need the Hybrid Intelligence?
We decided to run the beans-in-the-jar experiment on the stock exchange to test its efficiency. We asked users about the next day’s prices for different shares and tried to make deals based on their group opinion.
Symbiotic intelligence learns to earn on the financial exchange
Fintech startup Cindicator predicts changes in the value of various financial tools based on the wisdom of the crowd and artificial intelligence. In the last six months, the value of the company share portfolio increased by 168%, and mobile app users received $24,000 as dividends.
25 most promising technology companies with Russian roots
Tech Tour competition is held every four years in Russia. The first Russian Tech Tour was held in 2004 and the subsequent events included such companies as ABBYY, Acronis, iiko, Ivideon, Parallels and Yandex, according to the organizers.
Yury Lobyntsev, CTO Cindicator, speaks on today’s key technology agenda.
For example, any inflation expectations speed up inflation. Or take any of the latest financial bubbles, say, dot-coms or the mortgage meltdown in 2008. Regarding the rational fundamental economy, there were no grounds for these events. They were triggered by group expectations.