Cindicator, a fintech company

Hybrid Intelligence for effective decision-making

Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models.

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Who we are

Our team is a synergy of individuals with expertise in maths, data science, quant trading and finances working together with one collective mind.


Mike Brusov
Mike Brusov
CEO & Co-founder
Yuri Lobyntsev
Yuri Lobyntsev
CTO & Co-founder
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Luc Froehlich
Luc Froehlich
Global Head of Investment at Fidelity International
Marcus Killick
Marcus Killick
СEO ISOLAS LLP law firm, Chairman Gibraltar Stock Exchange
Reese Jones
Reese Jones
Associate Founder at Singularity University
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150,000+ decentralised analysts and 17,000+ token holders from 135+ countries.

Cindicator's techniques and ideas expanded upon ones that I had been considering for over a decade in my own mind. After becoming familiar with the community, I found a like minded group of individuals with an unusual passion and intelligence – and am delighted to participate in the exciting work they will no doubt produce for the field going forward.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin
Cindicator ambassador
I am with Cindicator since July 2016, and I saw how the app transformed [growing] forecasters from 1k to almost 100k and the reward funds from $300 to $20,000. Everything has changed in the past 2 years except the Cindicator team—their talent, ambition, loyalty, dedication make me want to support Cindicator back! Now I'm a top forecaster in the traditional markets category, and I love the competition :)
Ashraf ElSobki (Ash)
Ashraf ElSobki (Ash)
Top analyst
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Let’s build Hybrid Intelligence for the new economy

Cindicator is a fully decentralized company with offices located worldwide.

Regardless of our locations, we all work as one collective mind, sharing experience and knowledge with each other. This helps to develop and grow faster.

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