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Make market forecasts, improve your analytical skills

Forecast the prices of crypto and traditional assets. Track your performance to improve your analytical skills. Compete with others and win part of the monthly prize fund.

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How it works

We create new questions every day

Cindicator’s in-house team of professional financial analysts monitors crypto and traditional assets to create new questions about the most interesting market opportunities.

You make forecasts and score points

You can answer all of the questions or just the ones you like. Every question has a deadline. Once the question is closed, you win points if your forecast was correct and lose points if you were wrong.

Hybrid Intelligence generates indicators

Several layers of machine learning models process all the answers to create valuable indicators for traders who hold CND, Cindicator’s ERC-20 token. Your forecasts directly contribute to making Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence more valuable for all ecosystem participants, including yourself.

You get rewards every month

At the end of the month, you win a share of the Cindicator ecosystem’s motivational pool (in CND or ETH) as long as your rating is positive. The more points you have and the higher your rating, the greater the reward you win! And the higher your accuracy, the more valuable the whole Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem becomes.


Improve your analytical skills

Improve your analytical and market forecasting skills

A detailed statistics screen shows your performance for every question and every month. This helps you to improve your forecasting skills and deepens your understanding of the market.

Get monthly rewards

Make forecasts and get monthly rewards

Monetise your intellectual contribution and gain CND, tradable ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, and not just some abstract “points”.

Compete with others

Compete with others to become a top analyst

A new competition starts every month and it’s increasingly difficult to reach the higher echelons. How high can you climb?

What our analysts say

Cindicator provides an easy way to keep track of your predictions, and you get paid, risk-free, doing so.
[It] is a difficult and time-consuming task to document all the decisions involved why you decided for a certain event to be likely or unlikely to happen. Prediction platforms have a great benefit that they track your success.
Making regular predictions in Cindicator has prompted me to research and learn about new and exciting projects in the crypto space. Indeed, during my time as a Cindicator analyst, I have found that the more predictions I make, the more market knowledge and experience I gain.

How to get access

Free apps are available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and online.

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