Collective Intelligence Platform

Contribute to next-gen predictive analytics. Share your market vision and reap the rewards.

How it works

You generate forecasts. We generate alpha.

Answer questions every day and make forecasts on a variety of financial instruments. Your predictions will include price levels of popular assets, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures and forex. You will also be invited to make predictions regarding major financial indexes and economic events that affect the market, such as interest rates, elections, and macroeconomic indicators.

You invest intellect, Funds invest money.

Collective Intelligence Platform generates valuable trading signals and decision-support indicators based on your predictions enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. Traders and investment funds trade using the average of answers provided by all forecasters for each question and enhanced by our AI/ML algorithms.

Robots trade, You earn.

At the end of each period, we split the reward fund based on trading results between all forecasters proportionally to the accuracy of each forecast. The more accurate your predictions - the higher monthly reward you receive.

Share your market vision and reap the rewards

  1. Create a free Cindicator account via iOS, Android, or web application
  2. Start making your financial forecasts
  3. Receive your financial reward at the end of every month and every quarter