Security at Cindicator

Thousands of clients trust Cindicator to automate their crypto trading

By embracing Cindicator's values and being active in engaging with our customers, our staff and our product, we enhance the security posture of our company, products, and client-facing services.

Security is embedded in our culture

Cindicator cybersecurity

Our rigorous security policies and procedures are woven into how we operate as an organization with integrity and ethics. Cindicator does not sell or rent users’ personal or sensitive data to advertisers or to other third parties that might enable advertisement delivery.

What we do for safety

Team of security specialists

Team of security specialists

They are focused on ensuring security across the company - in our product and infrastructure, as well as in all operations.

Zero trust

Zero trust principles

Cindicator adheres to the principle of least privilege in access management processes and implements zero trust principles in products and systems.

Risc management and compliance

Risk management and standards compliance

Company executives are directly involved in overseeing the security strategy.

Systematic checks

Systematic checks

We continually work to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in our product and infrastructure.

Found a security issue?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have an active bug bounty program (which means we cannot offer rewards for any found issues).

We deeply appreciate any effort to discover and coordinate the disclosure of security vulnerabilities and we have previously had positive experiences working with researchers

Security attractive image

Cindicator takes all vulnerability reports very seriously and aims to rapidly respond and verify the vulnerability before taking the necessary steps to address it. After an initial reply to your disclosure (which should be directly after we receive it), we will update you periodically with our response and remediation status.

If you find a security issue in our products or services or have security concerns regarding Cindicator software or systems, please email [email protected]


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