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Macro Sentiment Indicators

+141% in 5 weeks in the stock market

Since 2015, we track how 155,000 analysts feel about the economy. Changes in their sentiments create opportunities for weekly S&P 500 trades — winning 71% of the time.

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The Fed printing destroyed the fundamentals — only the sentiment matters

Example: Biggest ever change in sentiment predicted

Markets and economy don’t match any more. Instead, the sentiment drives the market. Weekly indicators catch it and help to predict big stock market moves. Buying S&P 500 options based on these indicators made +141% in 5 weeks.

What you get

Desktop with indicators icon

6 weekly macro sentiment indicators

Published in a spreadsheet every Sunday, the indicators measure how analysts view the economic, business, and political environment, both current and future.

Strategy icon

New trading strategies

A ready-to-use strategy for S&P500 options and all future strategies developed by expert traders and fellow subscribers.

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Exclusive private chat with traders

Subscribers discuss the indicators and trades. Beginners are welcome and can get help with options terms, selecting the broker, picking the entry and exit price, managing risk, and more.

Proven historical accuracy

Macrosentiment Strategy chart

When the indicators show a 35-40% change, it’s time to buy Call (if indicators increased) or Put (if indicators decreased) at the money options. Seasoned trader CalvinXTZ, the author of this strategy, made +141% in 5 weeks with just 5 trades.

What subscribers say

I started with $1500 ( which I posted) and traded very size appropriate (2 lots per trade so far) the account is now up 227% to over $4900 thru today ( no trading today, I’m playing golf) out of 15 trading days I’ve had 9 with risk on and 6 (counting today) with risk off. There is definitely art involved in the trading bu the indicators are great and the people in this room are great.
Mike C
I closed my trade with 34% profit. Not huge but I played it safe, I could have made 100% had I closed it later but you never know. … Also doing that from Australia without watching the market, from my bed from my phone in the middle of the night. If I can anyone can.
An excellent service and community, but definitely for experienced traders. I would recommend it to people I know already into financial markets/products
Jonny M
It gives you the confidence to trust your decisions and not trade with emotions.
Helps you figure out the direction of the market in the short term and can be combined with other indicators for entry and exit points. Remarkably accurate so far!


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