Cindicator Ecosystem

Token based social-technological infrastructure that drives evolution of Hybrid Intelligence for financial markets.

112,938 analysts and 16,000+ token holders united in one ecosystem

Cindicator utility tokens (CND) are the basis for a fairer system of economic redistribution, democratisation of access to highly accuracy predictive analytics and the creation of a system of governance whereby all of an ecosystem’s participants take part in the strategic decision-making process.

The synergy of Man and Machine enables the Cindicator Team and CND token holders to make smarter decisions, based on the collective mind of thousands of financial analysts and enhanced by AI and machine-learning models, generating value for our community. Analysts are incentivised by financial rewards for correct forecasts in the short term, and by educational and emotional rewards for active participation in Hybrid Intelligence development in the longer term.

Ecosystem scheme

CND token sale has been concluded in September 2017

$15 mln

Hardcap reached


White List applications

> $500 mln

Total value of applications


Token holders, committed to Cindicator’s long-term success

CND Token Distribution

Token Destribution
  • 75%Token Sale Сontributors
  • 20%Cindicator Company
  • 3.8%Advisors & Partners
  • 1%Reward Program
  • 0.2%Current Forecasters

Funding Allocation

Fund allocation
  • 55%Development & Operations
  • 20%Hybrid Intelligence Portfolio
  • 10%Marketing & Bussiness Dev
  • 5%Legal
  • 5%Reserve Reward Fund
  • 5%Acquisitions


November 2014

Idea of the hybrid intelligence

December 2015

Global public release of 1.0 version of the collective intelligence platform on iOS

June 2016

Successful acceleration program in New York, raised $300,000 in pre-seed venture round

August 2016

Start of forward-testing and trading

November 2016

Membership at Microsoft BizSpark ($120,000 grant)

December 2016

Release of 1.0 version of trading signals API, test integrations with 14 hedge funds

March 2017

Top-1 startup at Moscow Stock Exchange accelerator, successful public pilot with MOEX

September 2017

Token Sale

December 2017

Big Bang Launch (web, app 2.0, reward system, Cryptometer, Cindicator Bot)

Q1-Q2 2018

1st payout for forecasters from the dynamic motivational pools (ETH/BTC/CND); trading robots


Tech infrastructure for investment funds, crypto ETF, secure infrastructure

Nearest Future

All your base are belong to us