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Find the most sustainable token sales

Get comprehensive reports on the most promising token sales selected by 140,000+ analysts and AI. Each report includes up to 10 indicators and a detailed analysis to help you plan your investments.

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How it works

140,000+ analysts crowdsource token sales

Cindicator’s Collective Intelligence suggests promising token sales and answer questions about different projects.

Cindicator team reviews suggestions

Our internal team carefully examines each token sale and selects the most interesting ones for in-depth due diligence.

Hybrid Intelligence analyzes each token sale

Cindicator’s internal analytical team creates reports based on their deep expertise and input from several layers of well-trained ML models.

You receive up to 3 reports a month

Depending on your subscription tier, we’ll send you one or several comprehensive reports, analysing each token sale.


Token sale

Receive reports created by Hybrid Intelligence

Each report includes up to 10 indicators that are crucial for the success of the token sale: hitting funding targets, market cap expectations, on-time execution and crowdsourced analysis concerning risks, market opportunities, the investment view and more.

Stop list

Coming soon: Stop-list – know what token sales are suspicious

Just enter the token sale’s ticker and find out the opinion of Hybrid Intelligence. You can also submit a token sale that we haven’t covered yet and get the Hybrid Intelligence view.

Post-token sale analysis

Coming soon: Monitor price development once a project gets listed

Post-token sale analytics helps to create the most efficient long-term strategy, helping you to plan not only your entry, but also your exit from each project.

How to get access

Token Sale Review is available exclusively via a monthly subscription with CND.

If you have the required number of CND in your Ethereum wallet (not on an exchange), you’re ready to set up the TSR Bot. You can register right in the Cindicator Bot if you already have it.

Amount of reports per month
Access to token sale stop list
Post-token sale analytics
Price in CND per month


1report per month
Access to token sale stop list
Post-token sale analytics
8,000 CND per month


2report per month
Access to token sale stop list
Post-token sale analytics
14,000 CND per month


3report per month
Access to token sale stop list
Post-token sale analytics
20,000 CND per month
Set up the TSR bot

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