Symbiotic Network

The Symbiotic Network is Cindicator's initiative that helps tech startups and companies create and grow their internal tokenised economies.

Why are we launching this initiative?

The Symbiotic Network is Cindicator’s long-term investment in the future of intelligent ecosystems. It unites the strongest tech startups, companies, and key individuals aligned under a shared vision, creating dynamic positive feedback loops between all participants of the network as a whole.

The Symbiotic Network:

  • Enhances the global network effects of the emerging new economy;
  • Creates a dynamic motivational pool for valuable and active members of the ecosystem (described in our White Paper (paragraph 4.3));
  • Validates Hybrid Intelligence as an effective asset management tool for venture investments.

Сurrent centralised institutions are slow and rigid and can’t deal effectively with the impetuous present. But a radically decentralised community could become an anarchic utopia. Only flexible, responsive and fast new types of network organisations and tokenised ecosystems can provide an effective structure for the new economy and a better world. We described the detailed vision in the manifesto on our blog.

Who are we creating it for?

Our goal is to help and collaborate with startups and companies who are tokenising their economies, enhancing network effects to empower the creation of valuable products that address real problems.

What are we focusing on:

  • Companies that have the potential to create a technology or business that can synergise with Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence;
  • Tech teams researching and developing new DLT protocol layers to strengthen the digital assets ecosystem;
  • Companies creating new models for decision-making and managing decentralised organisations and networks.

What is Cindicator bringing to the first phase of the Symbiotic Network?

To create a functioning and efficient network ecosystem, we will invest our most valuable resources:

  • Practical knowledge and experience in tokenisation, internal digital economies, decentralised distribution and business models;
  • Technological expertise in integrating and merging AI/ML and blockchain;
  • Introductions to a global network of leading companies, advisers, and investors;
  • Marketing experience, public relations insights, and the sharing of brand trust;
  • Access to co-creation opportunities with Cindicator’s entire ecosystem, including investment funds, customers, and other network participants.

How does it work?

The primary goal of the Symbiotic Network is to find like-minded teams for long-term strategic partnerships. The selection process will be very strict. There are no commissions, payments, or fees. Intelligence is the only currency we accept.

To apply to the Symbiotic Network, please take the following steps:

Fill out the application form, adding as many details as possible. Our team will carefully review your materials and will be in touch to confirm any outstanding information and arrange an introduction with a Q&A session;

After the introduction, Hybrid Intelligence will carefully analyse the project and carry out proper due diligence of the team, technology and global potential of the proposed idea. Please note that this stage may take some time — weeks or even months. The quality of the symbiotic effect is our only selection criterion;

If there is a fit, we will start to develop a detailed framework for strategic cooperation, outlining an action plan for symbiotic activities at different stages of your project’s growth.

Our goal is to create deep symbiotic relationships within our network. This requires a unique approach, significant intellectual and financial resources and, most importantly, time. This is not an agency or a startup accelerator. Quality leaves no room for haste.

Note for investment funds and partner companies

If you represent an investment fund or a partner company that is interested in receiving information about teams and projects with the greatest potential or you have any other great collaborative ideas to bring to the Symbiotic Network alliance, please fill out this form to join the Symbiotic ecosystem.


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